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Instrument & Analyzer

SP Sonic has experience with sound and vibration over 20 years in engineering and the instrument. We are experts and Counseling in noise control and vibration for environmental and industrial applications.

Piccolo - II

Professional Integrating SLM Class 2 and Data logger

Sound Calibrator

Sound Calibrator CA111
Sound Calibrator CA114/115

Multi Channel Analyzer

Mezzo Precision Microphone
Mezzo Sound Intensity Probe
MEZZO 2-Ch. Analyzer
Mezzo 4-Ch. Analyzer

Noise Source Location

I – Trank System

Noise Contour Software

Rap – One Legacy
Rap – One II

Noise Display

Sound & Temperature Display

Environmental Noise Monitoring

Professional Grade Class 1 Noise Measurement Station for Unattended Outdoor Monitoring Applications.

Occupation Health & Safety Monitoring

Light Meter
WBGT Meter
Noise Dose Meter

Vibration Analyzer

Building Vibration Measurement
Human Vibration
Vibration Calibrator