SP Perforate Panel

Material Specification
    • Fiberglass material density of not less than 48 Kilograms
      per cubic meter, with a thickness of 50 mm.
    • Incombustible, non-flammable, absorb moisture less
      than1.5% by weight, not moldy or a nursery bacteria (ASTM C665).
    • Test standard ASTM C423-99a.
    • External surface with black spunbond cloth and
      galvanized steel 0.7 mm. thick coating with powder coat,.
      Perforated hole size 2.5 mm. Pit size 5.0 mm. was placed
      in a 90 degree.
  • Features
    • The walls are perforated panel to be used for sound absorption. Installed in the room to reduce wall resonance. Have sound absorption
      properties in the wide frequency range.
    • Easy installation and strength. Durable to be inserted, acids, alkalis, moisture, have a long lifetime and can be cleaned without affecting
      the properties of the wall.