Occupation Health & Safety

SP Sonic is committed to operational excellence, with a strong focus on implementing the Quality, Security, Safety, Health and Environment Policy. To minimize loss of lives, injury, illness, and impacts on nearby communities and the environment, risk control and management has been put in place across all the company’s working processes. Production efficiency, machinery reliability, and proper management in compliance with laws on security, safety, occupational health and environment, are among the company’s central commitments. The company has always taken responsibility for the safety and health of employees, society, and the environment by implementing preventive measures to reduce risks associated with machinery and operation, and working towards a zero accident work environment.

Light Meter

LUX METER FT3424 Light Meter with Broad Coverage from Low to High Illuminance

WBGT Meter

Lutron WBGT-2010SD เครื่องบันทึกค่าดัชนีความร้อน

Noise Dose Meter

Pambly Personal Noise Dose Meter