Sound level Meter Nor140 Sound Analyzer

The Nor140 – more than just aSound Level Meter
The precision handheld sound analyzer Nor140, covers the widest range of applications, packed into the smallest real time analyzer featuring sound recording present on the market today! Norsonic philosophy has always been to cover all possible applications within one modular instrument platform. We were the first company introducing software options. This enables functional expansion to take place when you need it and not necessarily at the time you purchase the instrument. The design is based on decays of experience making intuitive and easy to use field instrumentation. The Nor140 is Norsonic’s second generation of handheld sound level meters featuring sound recording. The Nor140 is more than a Sound Level Meter, it is a
measurement platform used in Environmental Noise Monitoring Systems as well as a front end in Nor850- our Multi-channel Building Acoustic and Sound Power Analyzer.